Live sound reinforcement systems from dean sound include the following:


Avid SC48

Soundcraft Si Series 

Midas, Soundcraft, DDA, Yamaha analog



Crown iTech 3500 X 4

Crown MA 3600's and 2400's

Crown MA 24X6

Crown MA1200's

Carver PM1200's and 300's

Stewart PA250's


Speaker processing:

Lake LM44

BSS Omnidrive 366t

BSS Minidrive 334t

dbx driverack

Ashly Protea

Ashley analogue

Shure DFR11


Speaker systems:

3 concert systems - one 24 box LA, one 8 box mini LA, and one 18 box point and shoot long throw

JBL Vertec 4886 compact line array

McCauley 622-2  2-way trap w/(2)12" and (1)2", horn loaded long-throw

VUE Audiotechnik al4 compact line array

dB Technologies S30 active subwoofers w/(2)18"

iSP XMAX118 active subwoofers w/(1)18"

McCauley biamped 2-way 3 position monitor wedges w/(1)12", (1)1"

RCF NX12SMA active monitors

Speaker on stick systems comprised of: RCF coaxial, Bose 802 III’s, Bose 402 II’s, Bose MA12 mini line array,  EV SX300, Yamaha, PAS, and OSP active


Shure SM58, SM57, Beta 52, Beta91, SM81/PG81, EV468, EV PL20, Sennheiser 421, Sennheiser 604, Beyer MCE82,

Neumann KM185, CAD E100, AKG C451, AKG D112, AKG D12, Crown PCC 160

Radial, ProCo direct boxes


Wireless microphones, In-ear systems

Shure ULXD 58, Shure ULX24/58/combos, SLX 24/58/combos, AKG WMS4500 and 470 body units, Countryman Isomax, MM PSM earworn mics

Sennheiser EW300 G3 in-ear monitor systems



Soundcraft ministageboxes 32 channel units and 16 channel units

48X8 300’ with Veam connectors, full monitor split

32X4 300’ with Veam connectors, full monitor split

various 150-300' copper snakes w/Veam and fan-outs

various sub snakes


Analog processing:

BSS 504 quad gates

BSS 960 equalizers

dbx 166 comps/gates

TC effects units

Yamaha effects units

Lexicon effects units

dbx 1231 equalizers


Power distribution units:

Proprietary units employing L5 30amp twist and 20 amp Edison outlets, various pigtails, long feeder and couplers, T's



CW Lodestar chain hoists w/ 60’

Various lengths hanging steel, shackles, spansets, etc.

Various bump bars