Live sound reinforcement systems from dean sound include the following:



Avid SC48

Soundcraft Si Series 

Midas, Soundcraft, DDA, Yamaha analog



Crown iTech 3500 X 4

Crown MA 3600's and 2400's

Crown MA 24X6

Crown MA1200's

Carver PM1200's and 300's

Stewart PA250's


Speaker processing:

Lake LM44

BSS Omnidrive 366t

BSS Minidrive 334t

dbx driverack

Ashly Protea

Ashley analogue

Shure DFR11


Speaker systems:

2 concert systems - one 24 box LA and one 16 box point and shoot long throw

JBL Vertec 4886 compact line array

McCauley 622-2  2-way trap w/(2)12" and (1)2", horn loaded long-throw

McCauley M3 3-way w/(1)18", (1)12", (1)1", front-loaded near-field

McCauley SA288 subwoofers w/(2)18"

dB Technologies S30 active subwoofers w/(2)18"

iSP XMAX118 active subwoofers w/(1)18"

McCauley biamped 2-way 3 position monitor wedges w/(1)12", (1)1"

RCF NX12SMA active monitors

Speaker on stick systems comprised of: RCF coaxial, Bose 802 III’s, Bose 402 II’s, Bose MA12 mini line array,  EV SX300, Yamaha, PAS, and OSP active



Shure SM58, SM57, Beta 52, Beta91, EV468, EV PL20, Sennheiser 421, Sennheiser 604, Beyer MCE82,

Neumann KM185, CAD E100, AKG C451, AKG D112, AKG D12, Crown PCC 160

Radial, ProCo direct boxes


Wireless microphones, In-ear systems

Shure ULXD 58, Shure ULX24/58, SLX 24/58 hand-helds, AKG WMS4500 and 470 body units, Countryman Isomax, MM PSM earworn mics

Sennheiser EW300 G3 in-ear monitor systems



Soundcraft ministageboxes 32 channel units and 16 channel units

48X8 300’ with Veam connectors, full monitor split

32X4 300’ with Veam connectors, full monitor split

various 150-300' copper snakes w/Veam and fan-outs

various sub snakes


Analog processing:

BSS 504 quad gates

BSS 960 equalizers

dbx 166 comps/gates

TC effects units

Yamaha effects units

Lexicon effects units

dbx 1231 equalizers


Power distribution units:

Proprietary units employing L5 30amp twist and 20 amp Edison outlets, various pigtails, long feeder and couplers, T's



CW Lodestar chain hoists w/ 60’

Various lengths hanging steel, shackles, spansets, etc.

Various bump bars